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21 August, 2020
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5 reasons to start the new course at CEU Universities with more enthusiasm than ever

At CEU Universities everything is ready for the new course 2020-2021. The Hyflex model is fully operational so double presence will be the standard this year. The purpose is to guarantee the safety of the whole educational community and make it easier for students both going to class at campus and online although the general teaching plan offers as many training activities in person as possible.

After an atypical course and well deserved holidays, it is time to go back to studies. Either if you are already a student at CEU University or if this is your first year, there are many reasons to start the year with enthusiasm. These are some of them:

New challenges

A new year is always full of challenges and demands that will show us where we can get both academically and personally. Facing them is such a source of motivation as attaining the small goals we propose ourselves is always highly satisfactory and will  make us progress towards the final goal.

New routines and activities

Holidays are normally the time for crazy schedules with no defined routines. The new course helps us design our own organization adapted to our interests and preferences. To teaching hours we haveto add the life at campus of CEU Universities full of cultural, sports and social activities within an open and multicultural context.

New lessons

Each course brings new subjects, practices and topics. Bit by bit students delve into topics of their expertise, becoming more expert and acquiring knowledge in a highly experimental and motivating way. At CEU our objective is to turn University into a place of discovery, passion and reflection. We want you to be there not only to pass exams but rather to become the person you want to be. Without doubt, to face a future in constant change it is necessary to go back to the origins of Universities: understanding each part, integrating the sense and learning to think on your own terms.

New relations

If this is your first year, you will meet so many new people that will be with you the whole year. You will share your time with people from different countries enriching you at all levels, creating close relationships that will very probably last in time. If you have already studied one our several courses at CEU Universities, seeing your friends again is a moment full of emotion. Also, each year brings new relations and special moments to share with peers.

Your goal is closer every day

Starting a new course only means getting closer to your goal. Getting your degree and entering the labour market is getting closer. Without doubt, completing a course is a milestone in your academic life which means that you are successfully accomplishing your goal. To help you find the sense of each thing you learn, we divide each topic into the smallest parts possible. Therefore, subjects evolve to be organized based on interrelated concepts. This way you will understand each piece and also the overall. The purpose is to open new perspectives, new references, new ways of acting and thinking.