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20 October, 2023
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31 October, 2023

50th Anniversary of Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

This year that starts (2023-24) is very special for the Universitat. It enters its fiftieth year as an institution, half a century of CEU presence in Barcelona.

Universitat Abat Oliba CEU has held the opening ceremony of the extension of its Campus at Bellesguard. It has officially inaugurated a new building and new garden spaces.

The act has been attended by Mayor of Barcelona, Jaume Collboni, the Councillor of Research and Universities of the Regional Government of Cataluña, Joaquim Nadal, our President of the Catholic Association of Propagandists, of the CEU education group and Great Chancellor of the UAO CEU, Alfonso Bullón de Mendoza, and our Rector of the UAO CEU, Rafael Rodríguez-Ponga. It has also been attended by the Mayor of Vic, Albert Castells, the Deputy Mayor of the Town hall of Barcelona, Maria Eugenia Gay and our general manager of CEU education group, Javier Tello

A new building ​

The new building is a 6-story structure (three underground and three over surface). It houses classrooms, work and study rooms and offices. In total it provides UAO CEU with 5,000 square meters of new surfaces. It is a project signed by Llongueras Clotet, Buro4 and Gabriel Verd.

Along with the works of the new building the garden has been renewed and redesigned. In the context of these works, they found in the western side of Campus some medieval remains. Archaeological studies developed indicate that the walls found correspond to the rooms of the residence of King Matín el Humano used between 1408 and 1410.

Indeed there were documents proving that this king had based his Court in Bellesguard between those years and the findings have provided material evidence confirming it. The remains found have been conserved and integrated in our garden of the UAO CEU where they are displayed.

50th Anniversary with a view to the Health project

There is this coincidence that the inauguration has taken place on the occasion of the celebration by the UAO CEU of the solemn opening of year 2023-2024. A very significant year as it is the 50th anniversary of the creation of Abat Oliba as University institution (the decree of incorporation was published on 5th October 1973).

The inauguration ceremony has also had the participation of our Councillor Nadal as well as Bullón Mendoza and Rodríguez-Ponga. The lecture has been given by our Dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of UAO CEU, Arcadi Gual.  

Gual’s lecture as speaker had a lot to do with the “Health Project” implemented by UAO CEU and that has the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences as figurehead.