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7 December, 2021
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13 December, 2021

COIL Mixer, an encounter with over 120 international university professors

This online encounter “COIL Mixer”, organized by Vice-Rectorates of International Services of CEU Universities gathered over 120 professors from different Universities in order to connect and start teaching COIL innovation projects together.

COIL Projects (Collaborative Online International Learning) offers a pioneer methodology for interactive learning that, for several years, has gained importance in some of the most international universities worldwide. Through modules and online education programs, COIL helps us bring the experience of a global learning closer to our students regardless of their geographical location.

This initiative helps our students and professors meet other students and professors from different universities worldwide with whom they can share a language, project and work methodology. It forms part of the internationalization strategy of the institution that intends to offer an international experience and the development of a series of skills ever more demanded by the workforce.

At present, more than 80 CEU professors and 1000 students take part in all areas of expertise in over 70 COIL projects with Spanish and English speaking universities. If you wish to receive further information about the COIL, you may watch this video and ask your Vice-Rectorate of International Services.

To sum up COIL is an international online and collaborative learning methodology. The purpose sought is to make students even more international and this is done with a much more experiential and differential approach.