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2 September, 2022
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8 September, 2022

New call for the competition CEU Emprende for students and Alumni

Fundación San Pablo CEU calls one new edition of the competition CEU Emprende, a project that started a bit more than 12 years ago already to raise awareness and form in entrepreneurial abilities as well as to mentor and accompany students and Alumni in the development of their business models.

To this end, the project has been designed in the different Faculties and degrees in the person of the Entrepreneurship Tutor that supports and disseminates all actions developed by CEU Emprende.

Also in the last years, education in entrepreneurial abilities has reinforced through intensive courses and the modification and implementation of the entrepreneurship area and its inclusion in TFG* and TFM* regulations of CEU degrees.

This way, students acquire entrepreneurial skills during their career and have the necessary abilities to develop their entrepreneurship project.

A way to foster and reward the effort of TFG and TFM in the area of entrepreneurship as well as their subsequent application to the labour market by the creation of their own company.

Objectives of the competition CEU Emprende

  • To foster the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative initiatives as study and participation elements from University.
  • To outstand the important role of education in entrepreneurship and the creation of new companies from Universidad. To support students who have handed their End of Grade Work (TFG) or End of Master Work (TFM) in the area of entrepreneurship.
  • To boost the creation of companies once CEU University studies have ended.
  • To support and reward the entrepreneurship career of Alumni CEU.


* End of Grade Work (TFG) or End of Master Work (TFM)