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5 March, 2021
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Science contributes to the progress and wellbeing of society: This would not be possible without University transfer

CEU Universities have the persistent will of promoting the relationship and exchange between corporate and university worlds to contribute as efficiently and enriching as possible to social progress. To inform the society as a whole of the progress achieved by University Research Groups is one of the reasons supporting university research duty. Generating knowledge and transmitting it is essential for social progress and the improvement of people lives. Moreover, collaboration with public administration and scientific associations is crucial for the contribution of the whole potential of science to society. At the same time, it generates a context of innovation and competition, vital for the economy.

CEU Universities at the avant-guard of research

This way, Research Groups of CEU Universities are considered the axis that guides research in the Spanish science and technology systems and of neighbouring countries. They turn into a strong driving force in constant operation of the research activity both in university and research centres.

Without doubt the pandemic has put once more on the table the relevance of science and the need to invest in research and innovation. That is the only way to transform a service-based economy such as the Spanish one into a knowledge-based economy that will allow us to recover from the crisis.

The transfer; key to improve society with scientific progresses

Scientific transfer at CEU Universities forms part of its DNA. The basis of the project of Fundación CEU is built on Christian Humanism Values and has as objective the education of future leaders of the society, actors of change and oriented to social improvement. Thus, our professors, who are renowned working researchers and professionals create knowledge to transmit it in lecture rooms and afterwards to the society. They have a sound basis and the support of the first Spanish private academic group that encourages and strengthens the relationship between companies, CEU Universities and research and technological development bodies.

The capacity to generate knowledge through scientific and technologic work in addition to the implementation of these progresses through innovation is the drive needed by most sluggish economies to increase their growth, productivity and therefore, social wellbeing.

The results obtained by countries with scientific, technological and innovation progresses make them the first to use them and make the most of their benefits. They also benefit at a financial level as it leads to higher commercial exchanges for example and to count on the one hand on transport means and on the other on other based on technology so processes may be streamline, gaining effectivity and improving the efficiency of the public and private management.