University clubs, reasons to join them

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29 March, 2021
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University clubs, reasons to join them

Studying at CEU Universities does not only involve acquiring an excellent education and the issuance of a degree. Becoming a student of CEU campus will open a world of possibilities to you beyond the academic environment. From sports activities to University clubs, life at CEU Universities is way more than studying and preparing for your professional future. There is also time to promote hobbies, develop new skills and enjoy an intense social and leisure life. You will have all this in University clubs.

A participative culture, open and international

CEU Universities offer the possibility of integrating in clubs or proposing the creation of new ones to all students of Degrees. Becoming a member of one of them you will complete the experience you enjoy in class as well as acquire transversal skills and a valuable and complete university experience. It is also a very strong way to enhance the feeling of belonging to a community such as that of CEU where students are walked through their whole vital and academic path.

The intention of CEU Universities is to promote the development of initiatives proposed and led by students themselves who turn into providers of several cultural, academic, social and sports initiatives.

What is a University club?

It is a group of students with a common interest who have filed a proposal that the University has approved supporting the activity of the club. Therefore, initiatives related to culture, art, leisure or hobbies which are not already covered by the University can lead to the creation of a club.

These initiatives always have to be consistent with university rules and focus on the construction of a community promoting interaction between students with similar hobbies and interests. Everything is focused on:

  • Improving the university experience.
  • Complementing what is learned in class.
  • Being at the service of the University or society.

Advantages of joining a University club

Joining some of these groups will offer you the opportunity to immerse in the CEU University experience but also you will be able to:

  • Know people with similar interests from other degrees and nationalities.
  • Improve and learn what you like or are interested in without cost.
  • Live new experiences each year.
  • Work skills such as leadership, communication and management.
  • Gain points for your CV.
  • Extend your professional opportunities.

This way you will achieve the perfect complement to your knowledge as you will learn different human and personal experiences. There are groups to prepare radio programs, performances, organize debates, create networking, carry out solidary initiatives, etc. Know more: