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What is Cloud Computing and what is its use?

Cloud computing is being provided with IT resources under demand (storage, computing, data bases and others) through Internet with pay-per-use prices. Instead of buying and having physical data bases and servers you may rent certain services as necessary using a cloud supplier as for example, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The advantages of cloud computing for companies range from the rationalization of resources to the upgrade of daily management including finding new business models, rationalizing resources, finding new market niches or implementing more ambitious projects. With cloud computing we democratize the access to software resources at an international extent. This technology offers great-scale services thanks to connectivity instead of requiring the installation of local apps. Thanks to cloud computing we can remotely access software, file storage and data processing through Internet.

Types of Cloud Computing

The use of cloud computing services improves company’s productivity. On the one hand, there is a reduction of costs regarding technical issues of IT technologies required by companies. And on the other, it eases innovation and makes them more affordable to a greater number of companies regardless of their size and capacity. But, how many types of cloud computing are there?

  • Public cloud. The supplier provides its resources openly to everyone; individuals, companies, bodies, etc. A third company is contracted to manage the technical and operational part. However there is no control over which clients are housed in those infrastructures which involves relying on the partner with whom you have contracted the service.
  • Private cloud. It is exclusively used by an organization; normally it is an environment exclusively designed for the final user within its firewall that can be housed within the organization or in the data centre of the cloud provider. This cloud computing technology provides higher security and control.
  • Hybrid cloud. At present at its height, this option allows the progressive contracting and/or extension of the service as needed. It is common that the company uses the private cloud for its daily activities and that they resort at certain times to the public services of third parties when there is a considerable increase of work. This type of cloud offers the control and safety of the private cloud as well as the flexibility of the public one.

Advantages of studying Cloud Computing at CEU

The three Spanish universities of the CEU group in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a three-year program aimed at preparing the next generation of professionals of cloud computing and respond therefore to the needs of knowledge about Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud ever more demanded by Spanish and Latin-American organization. This pioneer Cloud Computing Program is the first one Spain in collaboration with AWS.