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5 October, 2021
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13 October, 2021

5 reasons to study a PhD at CEU

Are you considering studying a PhD? Here we give you information on PhD programs available at CEU.

The first thing we want to tell you is that CEINDO is the International PhD School of CEU and that it clusters research groups formed by PhDs with renowned research experience.

Their immediate objective is to consolidate a network of researchers of international projection. To achieve it, CEU Universities boost inter-university PhD. Programs and promote collaboration with the most prestigious University institutions for studying researchers to take part in research programs.

Why CEU?

These 5 reasons will help you make the decision:

  1. If you study a PhD at CEU you will do so with renowned experience PhDs. The board guarantees the suitability of teaching, the demand in the application of the tuition regime and the quality of PhD education.
  2. Studying researchers may participate in research project of European and international relevance. They will be assigned to one of the groups of researchers already consolidated where they will find the appropriate environment to cooperate in the task for the renewal of knowledge, contribute to innovation in specialized areas of knowledge, participate in the transfer to society of the outcome of their research and to establish relations with relevant research centres within the international scope.
  3. You will have international mobility.
  4. You will achieve professional development. You will gain research education and for the development of your professional career.
  5. You will study a PhD with CEU guarantee, the main Spanish educational group with over 85 years of experience and one of the best Universities worldwide.

 CEU PhD Programs

  • PhD in Sciences and Health Technology: It seeks to boost education of students who wish to delve into science and health technology to satisfy the increasing demand of staff formed in this sector, ever more in need of specialized cutting-edge technologies, of better and safer drugs and of researchers in the field of prevention, treatment and health life habits.
  • PhD in Composition, History and Architecture and Urban Planning Techniques: It is aimed at creating new knowledge in Architecture and Urban Planning, raising students specialized in areas related to the conceptual, project and technological dimension of both disciplines.
  • PhD in Social Communication. Specialized in the promotion of areas of knowledge of social sciences specifically subject to the renewal of communication technologies.
  • PhD in Law and Economics. The complex legal and economic challenges the society is facing force to a clam reflection on Law, Economics and the regulatory framework of the social and economic model.
  • PhD in Humanities of Contemporary World. Its main objective is to raise a network of international specialized researchers in the different areas of study and research in Arts.
  • PhD in Translational Medicine : It seeks to raise clinical and basic researchers to improve care quality.