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31 January, 2023
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Aula You First, CEU’s commitment to employability

To achieve the best employability for students, Universidad CEU San Pablo is creating a real university-company ecosystem through teaching spaces to boost and foster joint projects between the professional and academic world. A project started this academic year that is being implemented in all Faculties and that eases the reception by students of complementary education at the same time as they take their first steps in the labour market.

The global agency for sports and entertainment You First joins CEU-Empresa of the Faculty of Arts and Communication Sciences to offer students complementary education on specific areas of public relations, communication, creation of content and talent management in the industry of sports and entertainment.

A group of students will take part in this program and they will receive professional mentoring from You First who will support them and assist them throughout the year. The program embeds both theoretical and practical aspects in order to offer students the option of joining the labour market hand in hand with the company in which they will be able to do internships in the different departments of the agency.

You First is among the 10 most valuable sports agencies worldwide becoming the first Spanish and European company of this kind that has been able to access the Forbes List Top 10. It operates in 14 countries through 21 offices, represents over 400 basketball players, 400 football players and up to 100 talents from other disciplines. Basketball stars such as Ja MorantSerge Ibaka and Walter Tavares; football players as Gerard Moreno, Alexia Putellas and Fabián Ruiz; athletes as Ona Carbonell and Damián Quintero and other lifestyle talents and content creators among others. It also offers cutting-edge solutions in digital assets, consultancy, sponsorship, creativity, events, content production and marketing of influencers for over 160 brands worldwide.