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23 January, 2023
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3 February, 2023

Professional Careers Service and CEU Alumni, two more reasons to study at CEU Universities

If you are thinking about studying at any of the 3 CEU Universities -Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia-, you have surely found important reasons to choose one of its renowned faculties such as the excellence of their academic offer, the quality of their professors, premises and life at campus or their academic activity based on Christian Humanism Values.

We add two more that confirm that you have made the right choice: the Professional Careers Service and CEU Alumni, the community of CEU Alumni.

Professional Careers Service meeting point between companies and University

Studying at a CEU University gives you access to its wonderful Professional Careers Service. This department develops an important duty in the orientation, counselling, professional intermediation and approach to employment and professional reality of students and alumni.

Some information:

  • 94% global employability after University.
  • 95% finds a job after Masters and postgraduates.
  • 92% carries out duties related to their degrees.
  • 87% has a full-time employment contract.

The Professional Careers Service works to ease the contact between the market and students and CEU alumni. It is the meeting point between companies and University. Its purpose: students’ employability.

From the Professional Careers Service they accompany students in the design of their professional career assisting them not only in the immediate future but also throughout their professional life. This service has teams of Career Advisors specialized by sector offering personal and specialized attention for students and alumni.

Internships in companies for students

Graduate and Postgraduate students of CEU Universities complete their studies with an internship period in companies of great importance both public and private, national and international. Their teams of Professional Careers are in charge of the search and management of these CV and non-CV internships. Such internships can be done in Spain or abroad, the student being also able to apply to an Erasmus mobility for international internships.

Universidad CEU San Pablo de Madrid (USP) has over 9,000 conventions signed with national and international collaborating entities. UCH (Universidad Cardenal Herrera) in Valencia has over 5,000 conventions with companies and Universitat Abat Oliba CEU (UAO) in Barcelona manages both the national Job Pool with nearly 2,300 associated companies such as an International Careers with internship and first job offers in over 70 countries.

These Departments develop employability programs; they work with employment search tools; organizing recruitment and networking events with companies and organizations; offering a counselling and orientation service; developing studies on indicators regarding labour insertion and most demanded skills by the employment market and to the adaptation of our students and the business network, etc.

You will find further information on the Professional Careers Service at:

  • Universidad CEU San Pablo, USP, Madrid
  • Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, UCH, Valencia
  • Universidad Abat Oliba CEU, UAO, Barcelona

Alumni, a network of 32,000 professionals

Another of the main hallmarks of CEU Universities is the opportunity to become a part of one the biggest Alumni associations in Spain with over 32,000 members throughout the national territory and with presence in over 40 countries.

Some information about CEU Alumni:

  • Job Pool with over 2,000 positions thanks to their conventions with IBEX 35 companies.
  • Quality Networking to build connections with national and international companies.
  • Access to your directory with over 32,000 Alumni.
  • Over 200 exclusive academic activities.
  • Subsidies to start businesses.
  • Up to 20% of discount in postgraduates.
  • Exclusive benefits in over 50 companies.

In addition to working as a volunteer you may take part in programs such as Mentoring or CEU Emprende and life unique experience. For further information you may visit the website of CEU Alumni.