La importancia de la formación en competencias transformadoras para la empleabilidad de los jóvenes
The importance of education in transforming skills for the employability of youngsters
26 October, 2021
CEU Professional Careers Service among the most valued
4 November, 2021

Campus life, enjoy your university!

Your university will be one of the most important in your life. These years are full of opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and professionals.

University goes far beyond classes. To make the most of this experience, there is nothing better than complementing your studies expanding your interests and getting in touch with many students from other degrees and undergraduates. Research and our experience show that adapted students obtain better academic results.

From CEU Universities we wish to foster your university experience. We are going to help you so that nothing stands in the way of your effort as student so that you can focus on learning and being able to manage your uncertainties, experiences, longing from home or academic demand. CEU has people to guide you: personal and international tutors, group coordinators, professors, language services and the Service of University Counselling.

Activities and clubs

To make the most of the opportunity of interacting in university, students have a series of activities such as welcoming sessions, tuition, interaction with the academic team, sports activities, clubs (writers, theatre, fashion, mountain, gastronomy, photography…), debate forums and language classes among many other initiatives.

We offer you the opportunity to take part in our workshops and clubs many of which are directed to students and if you do not find here what you are looking for, we support the creation of more clubs by students.

CEU clubs allow students organize new activities and create new relations, knowing new peers and creating networks of things to share.


A special reference should be made to social and volunteer work initiatives. From CEU Universities we offer several initiatives to show how involved you are. Being involved in the society around you and learning the reality we live in is another way of growing as individual, another way to make the most of your university years.

Through its centres, CEU boosts all sorts of social and volunteer work projects. Collaborations with over 80 organizations and over 150 volunteer work actions both national and international.

CEU centres coordinate collaboration projects with countries under development through campaigns both abroad and local, summer programs, seminaries and retreats for students.

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