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1 December, 2020
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9 December, 2020

Studying Health Sciences at CEU: comprehensive education and educational innovation for a profession with future

The complexity and uncertainty of the actual, global and changing reality demands health professionals with something else than a consistent academic education. One solid profile with skills, abilities, values and attitudes is essential to successfully overcome any type of situation they may face. For this reason CEU Universities make an effort to offer Health Degree students an education that can meet the demands of society beyond scientific knowledge that, although essential, it is not enough for an optimal development of the profession.

A comprehensive education to build complete and competitive professional profiles

Therefore, CEU Universities encourage the preparation of their students with teaching innovation projects and a comprehensive complementary education achieving an important differentiation that results crucial for their employability. CEU’s differentiated education is translated into innovation projects proposed by teachers each year both within the context of subjects and in ancillary initiatives. This commitment has increased due to the healthcare crisis. This way, projects have been adapted to the new situation making the most of the learning opportunities offered. These are only some of the examples of last year:

Therefore, there are three types of skills worked at CEU Universities in healthcare degrees:

  • Instrumental skills: such as knowledge and use of new technologies, mastering of research and languages.
  • Employment socialization skills: Those obtained with external and internal internships.
  • Transversal skills: They are essential, soft skills, skills that ease team work, management of uncertainty as well as the capacity to innovate, to adapt to changes and to undertake.

All the above is achieved with an education oriented to academic excellence. Both Universidad CEU San Pablo and CEU Cardenal Herrera, where they teach the degrees of Health Sciences have broad practical and varied experience. Also, they have a clear international focus thanks to agreements with prestige universities worldwide.

Students may enjoy cutting-edge installations: R&D laboratories, surgical anatomy laboratories, animal facilities and all infrastructure necessary for research, technological development and innovation both at university campus and at healthcare facilities.

Also all students can benefit from the latest agreements signed by CEU Universities with some of the best hospitals of the country, the best tool to access the employment market.

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