CEU Scholarships for academic merits at Universidad Abat Oliba, new call!
12 May, 2023
En el centro, Paulina Astroza y Susana Sanz, junto al rector Carlos Saavedra, los decanos Alejandro Bancalari y Todolfo Walter, el vicedecano Manuel Campos y parte del equipo del proyecto europeo Jean Monnet sobre “Impacto, riesgos y oportunidades del populismo en Europa y América Latina”.
CEU UCH at the opening of the course in Chile
19 May, 2023

The Volunteering Festival, committing to the unprivileged

The Volunteering Festival took place on 18 and 19 April at Montepríncipe and Moncloa campuses of Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid. Under the slogan “Maria got up and set out on the road, what about you?” in a festive atmosphere, we learned first-hand about the testimonies of volunteers who, through their commitment, humanise, accompany and bring hope to the most vulnerable people in our environment: The elderly, children and young people in vulnerable situations, people with disabilities, immigrants, single mothers, the sick, people in the process of social exclusion; we were also able to get to know the 20 entities where our volunteers are active: Caritas Diocesana de Madrid, Aid to the Church in Need, the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Handmaids of Jesus of Charity, Hermandades del trabajo, nadiesolo and Summa Humanitate.

The party also provided an opportunity for all those present to learn about and sign up for the upcoming Samaritans outing, as well as the upcoming WYD and volunteering in the Holy Land this summer.

We were able to enjoy the live music clubs, as well as other recreational activities, refreshment corners and a paella in solidarity.

The proceeds will be for the Hogar Niño Dios, run by the Sisters of the Institute of the Incarnate Word in Bethlehem, Holy Land.