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Travelling to Spain in COVID times

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Are you travelling to Spain? Before travelling it is important to inform yourself about the measures implemented by Spain to face COVID-19 pandemic. These measures vary with time and include sanitary controls and temporary restrictions to travellers from some countries.

Requirements for your trip

There are entry restrictions for non-EU residents and nationals of non-EU countries. What do travellers who wish to come to Spain have to do? The Government summarizes it in this Video.

All passengers arriving to Spain by plain or ship including those in transit to other countries have to fill in before their exit a Sanitary Control Form (FCS for its Spanish initials) and obtain their QR to present it at the boarding gate and other sanitary controls upon arrival to Spain:

  • By plane: in the Webpage or from the App Spain Travel Health –SpTH– (Android, iOS).
  • By ship: through the Web

If you come from a third country you first have to check if you can travel to Spain here: Requisitos de entrada en España desde terceros países

Sanitary controls to travel to Spain

All travellers arriving to Spain as their final destination by plane or ship have to undergo a general sanitary control at the port or airport of arrival.

Also travellers from other risk countries have to certify compliance with additional requirements. 

General Sanitary Control

Travellers to Spain have to complete and sign before their exit the FCS Form associated to their trip that will have to be complete by each passenger responsible of the accuracy and veracity of the information provided.

Each form is personal and non-transferable and is associated to one single trip. There is no compulsory automatic quarantine.

When arriving to Spain you will find a temperature control, a documental control of the FCS form and if applicable for risk countries, a visual inspection. Please check the Web Page of Spain Travel Health: or the App Spain Travel Health-Sp TH.

The SpTH generates a QR code with the denomination “Documental control”. It is necessary to provide to the carrier this code and one of the certificates mentioned before travelling but the carrier cannot access the sanitary information contained.

Travellers from risk countries

Travellers from risk countries should evidence any of these requirements:

  1. a) Covid-19 vaccination certificate issued after 14 days following the date of administration of the last vaccination date; or
  2. b) Diagnosis certificate of a Diagnosis Test of Active Infection (PDIA for its Spanish initials) for SARSCoV-2 with negative result.
  3. c) Or a recovery certificate of Covid-19 issued at least 11 days following the first diagnosis tests with positive results and a maximum of 180 days from the date of sample.

For further and updated information on restrictions and other rules regarding the entrance of foreign people in Spain please visit:

You may also find useful the information provided by the EU:

Medical certificates have to be written in Spanish, English, French or German.