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5 May, 2022
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19 May, 2022

Walk around the University just with a click

If you are looking for University in Madrid and you would like to know the campus of one of the best Spanish universities, Universidad CEU San Pablo invites you to meet us with a 360º virtual tour of Moncloa and Monteprincipe campus.

This University has a virtual 360º tour through the most representative premises and teaching areas of the Faculties. Through the navigation menu you can move around both campus (Moncloa and Monteprincipe) and discover their premises.

This proposal intends to be much more than only a virtual visit. Assisted by 360º videos and sound the idea has been to show not only the most important spaces but also offer the visitor the opportunity to experience and feel this visit as something real for a more immersive experience.

For example you can virtually visit the Faculty of Pharmacy and experiment its Labs (Nutrition, Optometrics, Chemistry, Organic…), the Metabolomic and Bioanalysis Centre (CEMBIO) and all other premises. And like this each Faculty of Universidad CEU San Pablo in both campus.