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10 May, 2022
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The enriching experience of expanding horizons studying abroad

Ever more students plunge into the adventure of studying abroad in an ever global world. There are many reasons.

Studying outside your country can open more doors than you imagine. Advantages are not only professional.

Four reasons to study abroad

Many students who are considering studying abroad give academic reasons to start their international experience. But there are many more advantages.

Leaving several months in a country with another language and studying in that language is a real guarantee to learn it.

Secondly, studying at a prestigious university can make a difference in your CV.

Also, if you study abroad you will meet students from different countries which represents important cultural enrichment.

And not less important, studying abroad will open the doors to work outside your country.

The fact of being surrounded by students from different countries is highly enriching because you get to observe different ways to obtain answers to one same question depending on your culture and mind-set.

But what is really important is the personal growth experimented by students who study outside their countries. Challenge faced is such that we can guarantee that this experience will change them for ever and for good. At the end of the year, you will learn to manage emotions, feelings, situations, totally new challenges and without the direct support of your family unit.

Students leave their comfort zone and become more open-to-change persons, with capacity to adapt, assume changes and face unexpected situations and feelings; they learn to interact with different groups and contexts, open to a new environment.

Ainhoa Uribe, Vice-Dean of Internationalization of Universidad San Pablo CEU, highlighted in a recent article published by the journal ABC the need to have international experience: “It expands horizons of the future, helps to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams and encourages autonomy and responsibility. Therefore we work around two aspects: external internationalization (leaving an experience abroad) and internal (leaving in an international campus)”.

This University has over 350 agreements signed with foreign universities, including prestigious entities such as UCLA, Chicago, Boston, or Fordham and offers many degrees, totally or partially in English which attracts many foreign students to CEU.

Internationalization in CEU Universities

Internationalization is one of the foundational strategic axes of CEU Universities leading the European Consortium of Internships for students and there are three Spanish private centres with higher European financing for teaching projects.

In addition to Erasmus and Bilateral programs one of its hallmarks are International Bilingual Programs (IBP), which allow to complete mobility to prestigious US universities such as Boston, UCLA, Chicago or Fordham and give access to an academic degree issued by these institutions.

To these possibilities of personal mobility we incorporate other internationalization options from home such as the Online International Programs (IoP) with universities expert in digital education such as Stanford and Arizona and bodies such as UNITAR; as well as other education collaboration projects with international universities such as COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) and BIP (Blended Intensive Programmes).