Nearly 800 new international students join UCH CEU classes
12 September, 2022
CEU UCH continues leading the way of internationalization of Spanish universities
21 September, 2022

Walking with our new students through their university adventure

For the second consecutive year, the team of the University Orientation Service (SOU for its Spanish initials) of Universidad CEU San Pablo has hosted an encounter for the presentation of the Buddy program. A mentoring program aimed at easing the incorporation to classes of new students (Buddy juniors). During the first welcome session, first year students have been able to know other buddies.

Held at the same time at Campus de Moncloa and Montepríncipe, over 250 students of all years have worked in a team dynamic being able to interact and know each other better; all of it, enlivened by a DJ and a cocktail to conclude during which first year students have been able to exchange opinions and solve their normal doubts with Buddy seniors (higher courses students), who will help them adapt and will walk with them through their university adventure from September to December.

Thanks to this program boosted by the Vice-Rectorate of Students and University Life, the university provides orientation and counselling to new students easing their academic and social integration; it creates links between students of the same degree; encourages participation in activities organized at campus; strengthens the culture of “zero tolerance” in potential situations of harassment and creates a feeling of fraternity and group.

Mentoring programme at UCH

With the same objective, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, UCH, in Valencia makes available for new students (both Spanish and international) the Mentoring Programme.

This program offers them the opportunity to contact 2nd to 4th year students at their arrival to University. With this initiative the University pretends to offer help and a first friendship at campus which may be valuable for new students.

The objectives of this program are therefore:

  • To help new students build a new university life.
  • To create links between students of the same degree.
  • To improve integration of students at campus.
  • To make sure that new students are accompanied in their first university steps.
  • To promote participation of students in the activities organized at campus.
  • To implement the zero tolerance culture in potential cases of harassment.

A CEU mentor student may be assigned one or several students. This depends on requests from mentors received and the number of new students of the year they start.

In turn, Universidad Abat Oliba CEU, in Barcelona also makes available for students its wonderful orientation service , with different programs and activities.