The nimble digital adaptation of CEU Universities due to COVID-19 crisis thanks to its commitment to innovation
24 April, 2020
Rosa Visiedo, Rector of CEU USP: “Classrooms at CEU are still open”
29 April, 2020
The nimble digital adaptation of CEU Universities due to COVID-19 crisis thanks to its commitment to innovation
24 April, 2020
Rosa Visiedo, Rector of CEU USP: “Classrooms at CEU are still open”
29 April, 2020

10 reasons to study in Spain

Studying abroad is a unique experience in all aspects. In addition to enriching the résumé and favouring the employability of international students, it is a perfect occasion to know another culture, other customs and open one’s mind.

Studying in Spain is one of the most attractive options when looking for a destination to spend the academic year. Prestige Universities, a universal language, a very rich culture and tradition…the reasons that have motivated students from over 70 different countries to study at CEU in Spain are endless. Here we list a few of them:

The climate

Without doubt it is one of the trump cards of our country. Spain is worldly known for its great amount of hours of sunshine and smooth temperatures compared to other European countries. If you are escaping from cold cities with grey skies, this is your destination.

The language

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages worldwide only after English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi. Mastering it is such a trump card at a professional level if it is not your mother tongue. And if you come from a Latin American country without doubt it represents a great advantage for your adaptation.

A quality educational system

The Spanish offer of graduates and postgraduates is broad and of very high level. Either official or own graduates, your résumé will earn points with an educational experience in Spain regardless if you choose a semester, a year or a longer stay to finish your studies.

In particular, CEU Universities have offered postgraduate education for over 40 years. Also, the academic education we propose is oriented to help our students get on in a global world, providing enriching experiences very oriented to putting into place what has been learnt. Always based on Christian Humanism values.

A safe country

In any Spanish city you will enjoy a quiet life because it is one of the safest countries in the world. You will enjoy life outdoors just as the typical Mediterranean life style totally carefree. Coexistence is peaceful and people are very friendly.

Very rich culture and history

Picasso, Dalí, Goya, Lorca, Cervantes… are only a few examples of universal artists you will be able to track down during your University stay in Spain. Monuments worldly known, cities oozing history and the footprint of multiple cultures through centuries form a country of exceptional cultural richness and diversity.

A very diverse environment

Traveling around Spain during your educational stay will help you know a country where it is possible to go skiing and also surfing. You will enjoy the hectic and multicultural life of big cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia but also the quiet and authenticity of rural environments. Nature astonishes for its diversity with real orchards, mountainous areas, hidden beaches and dreamy islands to discover.

Trips to very attractive destinations

Located in a privileged geographical enclave, being based in Spain will allow you to make affordable getaways to the North of Africa and European countries such as France, Italy, UK or Portugal.


Although the Mediterranean diet is the basis of the Spanish cuisine, traditional gastronomy is very rich and singular depending on the area. Quality products, tradition and also avant-guard join to offer a unique gastronomic experience.

Events and celebrations

There are many traditional and sports events to enjoy in a safe and positive environment from the Fallas to San Fermines, the Holy Week or April’s Fair as well as the main frontline tournaments both of football and basketball and other sports.


Spaniards are close, warm and welcoming. They are used to multicultural environments and will make you feel immediately at home. Also CEU Universities offer a Welcoming Service to ease your arrival and adaptation.

To make the most of your stay in Spain, CEU university centres make available for their students leisure offers and promotions in the cities where they live: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. You may request further information on the CEU Experience and imagine how will you university life be like in Spain.