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20 July, 2018
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21 September, 2018

Spain has turned into one of the favourite countries among youngsters worldwide to study a postgraduate. And the reasons for their choice are its strategic location in the Continent, its extensive cultural agenda and the offer of programs for all needs and interests. As for the CEU, we open the doors of Europe to you as our grades are official and adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). They can also be homologated by all International Ministries of Education.

Are you still not sure whether to study a postgraduate in Spain? Here we give you 5 reasons.

1. You will be able to travel.

Given the strategic location of Spain in Europe, it is most certain that if you sign up for this destination as the place to study a postgraduate you will make the most of your holidays traveling to Rome, Paris, Berlin or so many other countries of the Old Continent. Although if you do not wish to leave the Iberian Peninsula there is no problem; The Royal Palace of Madrid, the architectural legacy of Gaudí in Barcelona and the flamenco dance of Seville…are some of the endless attractions you will enjoy during a weekend. We recommend you not to miss the Cathedral and the Mezquita of Cordoba, the Alhambra in Granada and the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona.

2. You will be surrounded by a multicultural environment.

In Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia it is frequent to see people from all around the world leaving together, creating a unique multicultural atmosphere for all visitors to experiment. It is frequent to listen to people talking in English, French or Italian and so many other languages in the streets. In the case of the CEU this atmosphere is also experimented in lecture rooms as we offer different international programmes and development centres such as the Institute of European Studies which promote and boost our new training programme.

estudiar en barcelona

3. You will find a programme of your interest.

Spain has a broad array of High academic quality Masters and Phds. It is important that you know that the Spanish Academic System has two types of titles: Official Titles and Own Titles. While the first ones are generally focused on research, the second ones have a more practical approach and are developed within a professional environment. To choose one or another will depend on your interests.

estudiar un posgrado en España

The CEU has over 40 years of experience in postgraduate training. Our students can receive training from different areas such as legal and social sciences, economy and business, education, communication and marketing, design, health and engineering and architecture. All with the best professors teaching Christian values and offering enriching and practical experiences…up to the requirements of a global world.

4. You will make new friends.

As you have already realized, studying a postgraduate in Spain does not only mean studying. In deed you will make new friends and what is even more fun, they will certainly be from any part of the world. Do not be surprised if you end up having pinchos and tasting tapas with them after lessons…regardless of the Spanish destination you choose. Tapas are a National tradition. In Madrid, one of the most famous streets to have tapas according to different rankings is La Cava Baja in La Latina. What are you waiting for?

estudiar un posgrado en España

5. You will make new professional contacts.

When studying a postgraduate in Spain you will not only make new friends…you will also make new contacts to boost your professional development. If you choose the CEU we will guarantee different types of management, academic and professional events that will encourage the creation of value between entrepreneurs, managers and students. We believe that entrepreneurship, innovation and development have to come hand in hand and figures endorse this belief. In the case of the University CEU San Pablo, 85% of our students find a job in the sector in which they were trained.

Once you finish your programme, our alumni association CEU Alumni will greet you with open arms to continue in touch. Its aim is to create a consolidated network of professionals connected worldwide.