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20 October, 2020
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28 October, 2020

CSR: a sector with future very present in the educational offer of CEU Universities

We consumers and citizens in general are ever more demanding with public and private companies. Therefore ethical commitment of brands is ever more important when making a purchase decision. Sustainability, social development, wellbeing of employees…we people choose brands with which we share values and that reflect our personal beliefs. The ever growing awareness only increases the demand of responsibility by companies that for years have reacted to this change in the mind of consumers. Therefore Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has only grown in importance until outstanding from the rest of departments and starting to implement its policies transversally in all the company and processes.

The advantages for companies and the society of implementing CSR

With a real management integrating the management of sustainability, of people and of professional relationships, the promotion of transparency and which puts the rights of consumers at the centre, the different entities will gain competitiveness and will be actively contributing to sustainable development.

For all these reasons there is an increasing demand of professional profiles oriented to planning, management and communication of corporate social responsibility. The need to integrate CSR into the corporate strategy and into management and steering bodies is as important as communicating the commitment of the entity and its dedication to innovation.

Private and public companies, NGOs…. the fields a technical profile can pursue in CSR are broad and motivating. Moreover, education in this environment shall serve to provide ventures with an approach oriented to sustainability, a rising sector.

Education in Corporate Social Responsibility in CEU

CSR is highly present in economic and finances and also in marketing, advertising and corporate communication. Also, we regularly propose seminaries and encounters around corporate and social responsibility. It is pure consistency as the approach in values is essential in CEU’s educational model.

In line with the responsibility inherent to a prestigious educational group and with sound values, CEU has started several commitments of Social Responsibility through its Corporate People Management. Therefore, all CEU educational centres have many research projects but also solidary and voluntary ones that organizations can incorporate to their CSR policy.