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16 October, 2020
CSR: a sector with future very present in the educational offer of CEU Universities
21 October, 2020

What is the profile of a teacher-researcher?

Part of the social mission of CEU Universities is to add to the comprehensive education of students their incorporation to the research world from the first years of study. Promoting research talent helps develop scientific thinking and the necessary skills to build a full and competitive professional profile with a high level of employability.  It also helps the University to take part in the social and economic development of the environment.

Research University key for the development of the society

This means that the role of CEU Universities goes beyond education and transmission of knowledge. Innovative teaching and the promotion of a scientific culture are the main actors of their educational model. Therefore, the education offered is not only oriented to the future, it is also of the best quality. In order to achieve it, as a research University we work:

  • Supporting students.
  • Generating, taking care and attracting talent.
  • Encouraging the existing scientific groups and creating new ones.
  • Promoting research in different departments.
  • Stimulating the relationship with agents alien to University within an R&D&i framework.
  • Boosting participation in internationally renowned networks.
  • Promoting internationalization and collaboration with European entities.

Main features of research teachers

Research teachers are responsible for the development of this university aspect. They have to investigate their area of expertise, analysing critically and systematically the practical activity. They will also work to help students absorb their scientific knowledge and guide their education. But also:

  • They have sound knowledge of the sector.
  • They have a solid basis with respect to training-learning processes and methodologies.
  • They use their knowledge to create connections, extend and present alternatives.
  • They are flexible, open to new ideas to extend the theory and practice.
  • They know how to communicate their way of thinking, promoting different approaches that improve the understanding of proposals.
  • They write articles, publications and books on their teaching experience and take part in encounters and seminaries to improve and validate their approaches.

An activity oriented to the global improvement of society

There is no doubt that the research activity of the University benefits the society as a whole from public bodies to companies and the citizens themselves. Therefore, research is essential to support social responsibility of University as it encourages the development of critical thinking through a scientific method always with ethic values as background. But we cannot forget that this endeavour requires a communication effort to closely relate with the environment.

In a global and deeply competitive world, research is for University a tool that goes beyond its participation in social progress. It generates knowledge, improves teaching, extends the possibility of financing centres and helps internalize necessary ethical values to thrive society.