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28 August, 2020
Study a degree in Europe and the US and foster your employability
4 September, 2020

Discover the advantages of studying a bilingual degree in CEU Universities

In today’s global world, mastering languages is essential. It will not only serve to outstand among other candidates for a position but rather to apply to responsibility and management positions once integrated in the work environment. A global economy where companies are based in several countries and constantly open to other markets demands professional profiles with a sound basis and an open vision of the world.

Helping our students develop skills and abilities recruiters seek is the main objective of CEU Universities. Our centres place employability at the centre and knowing languages is one of the major assets to reach high rates of job insertion achieved by CEU.

Studying a bilingual degree to learn a profession with an international outlook

The academic offer of CEU Universities has a clear international nature. Students from over 70 countries, agreements with prestigious international universities, internships in companies worldwide…to this we should add the possibility of studying degrees with topics taught in different languages such as English or French, in 20% to 50% of the program. In some cases, even 100%. Therefore, the benefits of studying a bilingual degree are endless:

  • In addition to improving the mastery of a foreign language, you will learn technical vocabulary of your area of expertise. This is something highly valuable to start your professional track specially if you are interested in working in corporations or you are considering undertaking.
  • You will learn to feel at ease in a multicultural environment. Having an open mind, feeling comfortable in the face of diversity, understanding and appreciating other cultures and also your own will help you carry out your profession from a global point of view.
  • You will achieve a broad network of contacts. Studying at CEU Universities, centres focused on internationalization, eases relations with organizations and universities from other countries. This way you will obtain opportunities in other countries as well as the possibility of having an enriching exchange of experiences.
  • You will have access to more and better education. If language is not a barrier, you will continue your education at centres of renowned prestige worldwide.
  • Intellectual benefits. When learning a second language you will achieve cognitive skills, you will improve your communication skills and your memory as well as providing flexibility to your brain.

CEU USP academic offer gives the possibility of studying degrees in two languages in all areas. Also, with International Bilingual Programs (IBP) students with higher English level may combine their Degree with a program including stays in the US and a degree granted by the American University giving that course. In turn, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera can provide bilingual degrees in Company and Marketing areas, Health Sciences, Veterinary and Gastronomy and even a Degree in Architecture totally in English. Moreover, Universidad CEU Abat Oliba offers bilingual degrees in all areas of its academic offer.

Choosing to study a bilingual degree involves a challenge. Doing so in CEU International campus is also a guarantee of employability.