8 February, 2018

A study shows youngster’s trends when starting their first job

The Southern-Europe Business Developer of the platform JobTeaser, Marc Pagès, presented at Universidad CEU San Pablo the conclusions of the study “Recruitment of students in new channels, […]
6 November, 2018

What do companies value the most when contracting?

1 March, 2019

Personal brand for University students: preparing their entry into the labour market

Internet has allowed that a technique which in the past was only used by politicians and great referents is now available to all. The creation of […]
19 August, 2022

New trends transform people management in organizations

Flexibility, project management and hybrid work. These are three of the 9 actual trends in people management according to a study published by the Spanish Association […]
22 May, 2023

Students from all over the world value CEU USP’s international projection

Universidad CEU San Pablo, USP, in Madrid has just published a video in which Ainhoa Uribe, Vice Rector for Internationalisation of the University, together with international […]
22 June, 2023

University studies are key to employability: five years after graduating, 90% of graduates are employed

Randstad Research and the Fundación Universidad San Pablo CEU have presented the report Young graduates and Employability, an exhaustive study that analyses the employment challenge among […]
7 July, 2023

Programmes at the University that promote employability

Students from the six faculties and schools of USP CEU took part in the second edition of the EmpowerYOU programme, promoted by the University’s Careers Department […]