10 razones para estudiar el Grado en Odontología en el CEU
10 reasons to study the Degree in Odontology at CEU
23 June, 2021
CEU Universities, the second most innovative in Latin America
1 July, 2021

Which are the careers with greatest job opportunities?

Eighty one per cent of students choose the career taking into account the job opportunities offered according to an analysis by Fundación Universidad-Empresa.

It seems obvious that a labour market as uncertain as todays’ requires prepared and qualified professionals with the appropriate skills. In this context, the role of education is crucial.

Undergraduates, candidates most demanded by companies

According to the Informe Infoempleo Adecco, graduate students are still the most demanded candidates by companies if we take into account the academic stage. They are requested by 38.8% of job offers.

Per degrees, Administration and Business Management (ADE for its Spanish initials) consolidates its leadership in the ranking of most demanded careers. It received 10.55% of total offers published in Spain for candidates with graduate studies followed by other degrees in the field of economics, trade and marketing.

Per sector, the legal and social field is the one receiving most job offers with 42.4% while technical degrees receive 36.2%.

Careers in the healthcare sector represent 15.1% of job offers. In turn, University degrees within the scientific-experimental field maintain their contribution to the offer volume requiring a degree with 3.4% this year. Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology are the most demanded careers within the area and have increased two tenths this last year.

Where to study ADE in Spain

The three CEU Universities offer the Degree in Administration and Business Management: Universitat Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona, Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid and CEU Cardenal Herrera in its campus in Valencia and Elche.

Why to study the Degree in Administration and Business Management

The Degree in ADE seeks on the one hand to offer sound education close to the professional world and on the other, help students learn skills and abilities to work in a global and dynamic work and adapt to a highly competitive environment undergoing constant changes such as the economic world.

Mandatory internships in companies and a broad array of complementary activities organized by the Faculty offer students close contact with the business world and help them also to orient their professional future while they study.

The Faculty encourages and helps students to carry out part of their studies at a foreign university through the Erasmus Program or different bilateral agreements signed between the University and European, American, Asian and Australian Universities. The Bilingual Program with Boston University offers also the possibility of carrying out part of the studies at a University of first-line renowned prestige.

Students willing to do so can also complete their education easily combining the Degree in ADE with: Marketing and Commercial Management, Economics, Business Intelligence, Law, Chemistry or Engineering of Information Systems.