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Investigation and Internationalization: Cornerstones of the model of CEU Universities
11 December, 2018
Advantages for an International education of studying abroad
14 December, 2018

Farewell Day: our international students say farewell to the University

As each year, Universidad CEU San Pablo has organized the Farewell Day, a farewell ceremony for International students which ends their stay at our centre. In this occasion we have said farewell to over 150 students from universities all around Europe, Turkey, US, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and México. Sharing with them these months has meant huge mutual enrichment both at a cultural and academic extent.

During the ceremony celebrated at the Aula Magna of the Campus of Moncloa, the Vice-Rector of International Relations, Jesús Paúl, has addressed a speech to all students. He was accompanied by the Head of the International Department, Alejandra Villena and the Coordinator of International Mobility, Estela Herranz.

Representing their colleagues, the following students also spoke:

  • Maia Vaccher, Student of the Faculty of Arts and Communication Sciences from the Hogeschool Utrecht (Holland).
  • Alesia Zogaj, Student of the Faculty of Law from the Universiteit Maastricht (Holland).
  • Clara Becker, student of the Faculty of Law from the Universität Augsburg (Germany).

Afterwards diplomas and academic scholarships were given. We could also enjoy the performance of the Saxophone Quartet Blue Wind. At the end, students and professors enjoyed some hot chocolate and churros and roscón.

The international vision, cornerstone of the CEU University model

CEU University is among the most international universities in Europe. Easing mobility of our students to help them expand professional and personal horizons is one of the goals of programs, internships, scholarships and stays abroad. We also offer bilingual degrees and rely on over 500 agreements with companies and universities in all continents.