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What do companies look for in University graduates joining the labour market for the first time?

Each year around 300,000 university graduates face the experience of finding their first job, a difficult challenge in view of the high rates of unemployment among youngsters and a swift and changing labour market. Aware of the great responsibility of helping youngsters with these challenges, Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU has created the Advisory Council on Employability formed by top directors from some of the most representative companies of different sectors of activity to analyse the changing needs of the labour market. We know through CEU Advisory Council on Employability the keys for a successful search of first employment.

To succeed in this search of first employment the CEU Council on Employability will give us different keys.

What Companies search in new graduates:

  • Vocation and education. Youngsters have to know themselves and study what they really want to work in. It is important to inform themselves about the university degree chosen and its professional opportunities to find the balance to achieve a comprehensive professional development.
  • Continued and specialized education. Analyse the market and know its needs to go ahead of the future and adapt to complex, volatile and digital work environments.
  • Attitude and values. It is essential to have a positive, patient and open to learning attitude. A good attitude is a highly valued strength by companies. Tolerance to frustration and humility are key for professional life.
  • Make the most of this university stage to live experiences abroad, improve languages and gain new skills such autonomy, adaptation capacity and communication.
  • Soft skills are as important and technical knowledge. It is essential to develop skills such as critical thinking, initiative or emotional intelligence.