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2 February, 2021
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9 February, 2021

Guidelines to foster your creativity and improve your employability

CEU Universities are oriented to foster skills and abilities, those known as soft skills. In this context, creativity is fostered transversally in all topics. Creative thinking requires an analysis capacity, the design of strategies and the capacity to apply them. It is the commitment of teachers to create an environment encouraging motivation and participation as well as using strategies which serve to boost creative thinking among other abilities. But students can also promote that capacity which is essential for any entrepreneurship and innovative spirit.

Creativity can also be learnt

There is a belief that creative people are naturals but reality is that anyone can reach a high level of creativity investing time and efforts. There is no excuse because companies’ recruiters increasingly value this type of profile capable of finding creative solutions, generating opportunities, leading teams and managing times. Therefore, working on creativity is essential for your employability. Also, the fact of fostering creativity stimulates the brain to make better connections.

Some guidelines to improve creativity

  • Follow healthy habits. For example, get up early in the morning to make the most of the day and study or work without interruptions when most people are not yet active. Also having an active life also helps creativity. If you feel good, your mind will be awake, open and more active.
  • Manage your time efficiently. Creative people make the most of their time and therefore are very organized. A properly planned routine frees your mind, something crucial to focus on what is really important.
  • Look for inspiration. Leave your routine and disconnect from your studies. Get to know other realities, share time with different people, consume cultural products which appeal to you…It all adds up.
  • Any moment and idea is good. You never know when you are going to have an idea worthwhile so it is necessary to have the mind as open as possible. Also keep any creation; something at a priori may not seem interesting can evolve and turn into something valuable. Take always with you a notebook or tablet or write it in your smartphone. There is nothing worse that remembering that you had a great idea and not being able to return to it.
  • Forget creative blocks. Be patient if time runs and you do not find inspiration. Setting a limit date can be a good motivation for creativity. When we have a deadline our mind starts to work more efficiently.

CEU Universities work to offer comprehensive education exceeding the classic and limited knowledge transmission model. Developing skills and abilities is essential to educate the leaders of the future and responsible citizens with the objective of changing the world for the better.