CEU University community, supportive, takes part in voluntary projects during COVID-19 crisis
21 April, 2020
The nimble digital adaptation of CEU Universities due to COVID-19 crisis thanks to its commitment to innovation
24 April, 2020

How is Spain responding to the healthcare crisis?

CEU Universities welcome international students from over 70 countries in a clear commitment to internationalization. Therefore, these students may spend the whole academic year at our university centres or a just a term in what is called a temporary stay. This way they have access to the whole academic offer. Moreover the different universities offer also free Spanish lessons with customized and supervised assistance with a comprehensive welcome service.

Spain is a safe country battling together the pandemics

COVID-19 crisis has demanded the rapid adaptation of CEU educational community at all levels. We know that although Spain is an especially welcoming country, the situation of international students is very sensitive. Being far from home and family at such difficult time is not easy. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that in the context of this world crisis, Spain is a safe country.

Without doubt, healthcare services are key for the peace of mind of society and in particular of international CEU students. The assistance to all students is guaranteed both through CEU Universities with all the necessary information and support to access public healthcare services. Spain guarantees healthcare services willing to attend everyone requiring assistance regardless of their origin or situation.

On the other hand, the demanding containment measures that have come with the declaration of the state of alarm are revealing themselves as highly efficient to overcome the pandemics. The Spanish society commitment and responsibility are being broadly proven every day. Without doubt the behaviour of citizens is being an example, always following the instructions of healthcare authorities and offering their very best. All this is seen in the reduction of the number of contagions as well as in endless expressions of solidarity. As it could not be otherwise, CEU University community has also contributed with solidarity projects conceived by students and professors.

But the whole country has joined in the battle against coronavirus with initiatives in different neighbourhoods, in healthcare centres by professionals from all sectors, private companies, etc. Everything oriented to generously help those who are most in need as well as to stop the disease.

Also Spanish authorities both of Healthcare services and Government offer updated information every day through the different media and press conferences. Following the evolution of the pandemics as well as knowing the measures that have to be adopted at each time is therefore very easy.

CEU Universities are supporting their international students more than ever

To all this we should add that despite the economic standstill, supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies haven been open as well as other businesses which are essential for daily life. Therefore, the supply of food and pharmacy products is guaranteed at all times.

On our side, CEU Universities have provided with special interest all assistance to international students. Those who remain in our country have the continuous support of their university centres. Moreover, not only have they received online education through the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform and other tools such as Microsoft Teams. CEU Universities also offer help to continue with lessons, organize academic and personal work, constant information on special schedules, online social activities with colleagues, etc.

At all times we offer customized attention through email and telephone to provide solutions for all needs expressed by our students. This support is provided by the University Counselling Service and the International Relations Office and other areas of the University. If necessary, we will go with our students to healthcare centres, they will receive psychological assistance and will be provided with guideless for their self-care during this period. Because installations will remain closed but the year continues at CEU.