Study a postgraduate in Spain: outstand and live a unique experience
25 June, 2020
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3 July, 2020

Students from Latin America: why to study in Spain and choose CEU

Studying in Spain is a very attractive option for Latin American students. Having the possibility to study an undergraduate or post-graduate in your own language is without doubt a great advantage. Spanish is already the second mother tongue with more speakers: over 500 million people and it continues to grow: it is calculated that in 2050 there will be over 750 million Spanish speakers and it is already the second language most studied as a foreign language.

The advantages of studying in Spain if you are from Latin-America

We have no doubt that in Spain you will feel at home. The proximity with the culture goes beyond having a common language which is without doubt a valuable integration element not only during the University stage but also in order to find employment opportunities. We are bound by close ties that you will discover during your stay in Spain in a very enriching multicultural environment as that of CEU Universities. And all this only a step away from the main European cities with an educational model clearly marked by an international vision, one of CEU pillars.

And do not lose sight of something very important: living is Spain is much more affordable than in most European countries. If this were not enough, the climate is milder than in cold and humid countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany or even France. This way you will not have problems to adapt to Spanish winters especially if you choose Valencia or Barcelona as destination.

Complete the necessary formalities with the assistance of your CEU Universities

Before enrolling at any of our centres, you shall homologate your studies. But do not worry if you find bureaucracy difficult. From the first time, you will receive help from the different hospitality or welcome services of CEU Universities. This way you will have assistance for the enrolment, to obtain the necessary documentation, the visa and also administrative formalities. You will also receive guidance when you arrive for the first time at your university centre and of the city where you are going to enjoy an unforgettable experience. Because studying abroad marks a before and an after in the life of every student.

Depending on the duration of the studies you choose, you will need to follow one process or the other. For example, at CEU Universities you may opt for a Specialization Course that normally lasts around 2-3 months. You will not need a visa for this. There are also 3-month post-graduates but if you are going to choose a graduate course or a long Master bear in mind that as you are a non-European citizen you will need a study visa. You will have to request it at the Spanish Consulate at your country of origin. In this case you will also have to request within the month of your arrival to Spain, the Foreign Identity Card (TIE for its Spanish initials). With this document you will not be allowed to work as an employee unless you do it part-time and in something that has to do with your education or experience. This is the case of internships offered by CEU Universities to their students that have signed agreements with some of the most prestigious Spanish and International companies.

Therefore, the study plan includes compulsory internships or practicum to promote employability of students exceeding 95%. Here you will be able to apply and complete the knowledge gained in class. To this we add voluntary external internships not included in study plans but that represent an experience improving your curriculum for employers.

At CEU Universities we bring our students closer to the corporate world both through internships and with teachers with broad professional experience in their areas. Also, in the case of Spain and Latin American countries, there are plenty of companies present in both places so your education at CEU will give a boost both if you want to develop your professional career in Europe and in your country of origin.

If you wish to know more about studying in Spain being from Latin America visit the information of each CEU University: