Juanma Portela

30 May, 2022

7 keys to understand the metaverse

What is a metaverse? How to access? Who is there? There are many questions around this new online universe. Therefore we have spoken to CEU experts […]
26 May, 2022

What do companies look for in University graduates joining the labour market for the first time?

Each year around 300,000 university graduates face the experience of finding their first job, a difficult challenge in view of the high rates of unemployment among […]
20 May, 2022

4 soft skills you need if you want to be a marketing professional

Soft skills are those non-technical skills that you will have to work and promote if you wish to opt to better employments. To sum up they […]
19 May, 2022

The enriching experience of expanding horizons studying abroad

Ever more students plunge into the adventure of studying abroad in an ever global world. There are many reasons. Studying outside your country can open more […]
10 May, 2022

Walk around the University just with a click

If you are looking for University in Madrid and you would like to know the campus of one of the best Spanish universities, Universidad CEU San […]
5 May, 2022

CEU Universities a reference in health and wellbeing according to THE Impact Rankings 2022

Times Higher Education has disclosed the results of its Impact Rankings, which classify higher education centres worldwide according to compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Assessment […]
3 May, 2022

Over 200 undergraduates took part in the 18th International Congress of CEU UCH Students

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera hosted the 18th International Congress of Students (CIE); a university event basically aimed at introducing students in the world of research trying […]
28 April, 2022

«The labour market demands more transversal knowledge»

Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU is convinced that the key to boost employment relies on the alliance between University and companies. For this reason, it has […]
25 April, 2022

We progress in the international research strategy

The European Commission has published the preliminary results of the call of MSCA 2021 Actions of program ‘Horizon Europe’ (HEu), both for the contracting of pre-PhD researchers […]