Juanma Portela

21 August, 2020

The advantages of studying a double degree: employability and differentiation

Double degrees offer broad education and involve a high level of demand, organization and commitment. All this is highly appreciated by companies so studying a double […]
18 August, 2020

To be or to be. CEU Double Classroom Model

In the 20/21 academic year, many begin their university life, others launch a new year, city or friends… and at CEU we launch a Dual Presence […]
17 August, 2020

Academic, research quality and professional experience of CEU teachers

The excellence of CEU Universities comes hand in hand without doubt with the quality of our teachers. Their high level of teaching as well as their […]
12 August, 2020

10 tips to study in Spain

Studying in Spain and obtaining an official European degree is a way to invest in a successful future. Also, if you chose CEU for your education, […]
10 August, 2020

Leadership Essentials of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL): Take the step to be amongst the best

The goal of CEU is to form future leaders, elites able to influence society to change it for the better. This is the fundamental purpose of […]
5 August, 2020

Installations of CEU Universities are conceived to foster undertaking, innovation and leadership

CEU Universities form part of the biggest Spanish educational group. If you choose to study in Spain you will be using the most innovative installations to […]
3 August, 2020

I CEU Congress on Educational and Teaching Innovation: sharing experiences to improve teaching quality

CEU has held this 20th July an encounter to share experiences on teaching innovation between the members of the educational community. The encounter has focused not […]
27 July, 2020

Technical and digital profiles, the most demanded in an uncertain and changing environment

Much has been said about the VUCA world to describe the environment in which we are immersed; that of a world full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity […]
20 July, 2020

Last days to request CEU Merit Talent Bridge Scholarships of CEU San Pablo for international students

International students have the opportunity to access scholarships to study in Spain at CEU Universities, quality and prestige educational centres which form part of the biggest […]