Juanma Portela

11 December, 2018
Profesor Herradón

Investigation and Internationalization: Cornerstones of the model of CEU Universities

The Professor of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Universidad San Pablo CEU, Gonzalo Herradón, has presented at the Congress Neuroscience 2018 the most recent results of […]
10 December, 2018
Competición CEU-Juguetrónica, grupo ganador

Investigating the challenge of ethics and technology

The development of technology and novelties such as robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes hand in hand with ethical challenges. Students of the Faculty of Arts […]
7 December, 2018

Investigation, one of the priorities of CEU Universities

Universities play a crucial role in the progress of science and investigation as well as in driving social and economic changes. Therefore it is so important […]
29 November, 2018

Video Award International Contest-Share Your International Experience

Studying abroad goes far beyond the academic scope. It is a comprehensive experience to travel, meet a new culture and establish friendship relations with people all […]
20 November, 2018
Proyecto CEU Mejores

Campus CEU Mejores: Volunteerism with plenty of values

In CEU the personal growth of students is just as important as their knowledge acquisition and professional development. A further example of this is the project […]
12 November, 2018
Policlínica CEU

A new polyclinic to train the great professionals of the future

Universidad CEU San Pablo has inaugurated its new polyclinic; a space of 2,500 square meters fashionable and functional with physiotherapy and odontology services. It will soon […]
12 November, 2018

A gamble on internationalization of future architects

Internationalization has strong presence in the academic program of our University. Therefore we offer architecture students several programs to complete part of their studies in foreign […]
10 November, 2018

Universidad CEU San Pablo takes part in the 18th Week of Science and Innovation

Just as each year, Universidad CEU San Pablo shows its commitment to science through its participation in the Week of Science and Innovation which is one […]
9 November, 2018
Proyecto Guess

Project of International Marketing students in collaboration with GUESS

The Marketing Director for Europe and Middle East of the fashion corporation GUESS, Dario Cardamone, has visited the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business. The reason is the […]
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