Juanma Portela

28 April, 2022

«The labour market demands more transversal knowledge»

Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU is convinced that the key to boost employment relies on the alliance between University and companies. For this reason, it has […]
25 April, 2022

We progress in the international research strategy

The European Commission has published the preliminary results of the call of MSCA 2021 Actions of program ‘Horizon Europe’ (HEu), both for the contracting of pre-PhD researchers […]
21 April, 2022

A new way of learning for these new times

We need to rethink the way in which students receive knowledge and skills. Traditional models such as master classes are not enough. In this context, CEU […]
18 April, 2022

A more international campus at Universidad CEU San Pablo

As a result of resolutions and collaboration agreements with several countries worldwide, the University has implemented 30 new flags at its Campus of Montepríncipe that will […]
12 April, 2022

Does University bring companies’ demands closer to students?

The search for the first employment is one of the most important challenges in any student’s life. An appropriate job placement involves also many benefits for […]
7 April, 2022

The international week, again in USP CEU classrooms

After two years of break motivated by the pandemic, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business has resumed its traditional International Seminaries. In its eighth edition, […]
5 April, 2022

Choosing a University degree: which are the most demanded professions in Europe

It is the end of the school year and you may find yourself in a situation of having to choose a university degree. When facing this […]
1 April, 2022

CEU Universities Virtual Fair, learn about all the opportunities that are waiting for you

Looking to get a high-quality academic education and have the time of your life while doing it? Study in Spain at CEU, one of the best […]
29 March, 2022

CEU students enter the metaverse

As explained by the development team along with Juan Manuel Corpa, professor and Digital Ambassador of CEU UCH our CEU metaverse is the first created in […]