Juanma Portela

3 September, 2021

Learn Spanish at CEU Universities

At present knowing languages is the basis to progress and reach academic and professional excellence. Therefore, CEU Universities are strongly committed to language education of its […]
1 September, 2021
Consejos para tus primeros días de clase en la universidad

Tips for your first days at University

The first day of class is the beginning of a thrilling time, full of new experiences that will forge your personal and professional future. Surely the […]
26 August, 2021

Discover the most sustainable face of Barcelona

If you are considering studying in Barcelona today we tell you more about this city from its more sustainability and environmental commitment point of view. Barcelona, […]
23 August, 2021

Do you come from abroad and wish to book your place in any of the CEU Universities? Below we explain you how

Do you come from abroad and wish to study in Spain? If you have decided that CEU is the best option to study your degree we […]
19 August, 2021
Open Badge: una tecnología pionera de CEU para certificar las soft skills durante la carrera

Open Badge: a pioneer CEU technology to certify soft skills during the degree

Which skills are taken into account in corporate recruitment processes? Until recently they focused on hard skills which refer to technical knowledge but soft skills are […]
17 August, 2021

Experience the Camino de Santiago with CEU

University CEU San Pablo in Madrid wishes to start 2021-22 academic year with an unforgettable experience. Coinciding with 2021 Jubilee Year, October 8th to 12th, the […]
12 August, 2021
Por qué elegir España para realizar estudios en el extranjero

Why choosing Spain to study abroad?

One of the most enriching experiences offered by your university years is to study abroad. Choosing a foreign country to pursue your degree is a decision […]
10 August, 2021

Undertaking: designing in the present your professional future

Undertaking goes beyond creating your own work or a company. The entrepreneurial mindset is a way of understanding life, an attitude that makes you visualize opportunities […]
5 August, 2021
restricciones Covid

Traveling to Spain in COVID times

Are you traveling to Spain? Before traveling it is important to inform yourself about the measures implemented by Spain to face COVID-19 pandemic. These measures vary […]
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