Juanma Portela

20 May, 2021

The 12 soft skills key for employment in 2021

Soft skills have gained more importance in the world of employment is these last years. In that sense, recruitment processes are ever more oriented to the […]
18 May, 2021

Three CEU Universities degrees among the 50 most demanded

The newspaper El Mundo has published the Ranking of the 50 most demanded degrees. A list that ranks and positions degrees most preferred by students and […]
14 May, 2021

5 keys to succeed in your exams

We are reaching the most transcendental time of the year and it comes hand in hand with nerves and stress because of exams. It is the […]
12 May, 2021

Universidad CEU San Pablo, the first Spanish university to join OdiseIA

The observatory of social and ethical impact of artificial intelligence, OdiseIA and the University have signed a collaboration agreement providing for the basic principles for the development […]
7 May, 2021

Take another step forward in your career with a MBA

Studying a Master in Business Administration (MBA) will open the door to top level employment opportunities. But the reasons to study a MBA go beyond the […]
4 May, 2021

Tips to successfully conduct an online work interview

The online environment has turned into the most common scenario when contacting applicants and recruiters especially after the pandemic. Applications and programs such as Skype, Zoom… […]
30 April, 2021

What are the career opportunities of the Degree in Political Sciences?

28 April, 2021

Universidad San Pablo CEU offers an American certificate in all its Degrees

Within the framework of its own identity project and its great international vocation, Universidad CEU San Pablo continues its tireless duty of easing and boosting experiences […]
23 April, 2021

What are the requirements to work in Europe?

In order to professionally unfold in a global world it is necessary to have a clear international vision as well as a sound education in other […]