24 July, 2019

Summer volunteer programs: solidarity projects of CEU Universities

Studying at CEU Universities is much more than receiving education to obtain a Degree, Postgraduate or Master. Life at campus nourishes from cultural, social and sport […]
29 August, 2019

CEU Universities, three innovative ecosystems

Innovation is one of the cornerstones on which CEU Universities work transversally; Innovation applied to any of the areas and tasks of University’s endeavours, from teaching […]
2 September, 2019

Advices to successfully face the first year at University

The beginning of the university stage always means a huge change in the lives of students after years of intense study to finish High School and […]
9 September, 2019

CEU Universities welcome their new international students

With the beginning of academic year 2019-2020 CEU Universities have hosted the welcome session for foreign students. Therefore, these days they have been able to know […]
17 September, 2019

CEU Digital Assistant reaches our Universities: a pioneer and bilingual project

Voice or virtual assistants have been long in our homes. These intelligent devices make our daily lives easier. They offer the possibility of consulting any type […]
4 October, 2019

Inauguration of the new University Hall of CEU Cardenal Herrera at the Valencia campus

The CEU-UCH has a new Assembly Hall at the campus of Alfara del Patriarca, a building of over 2,100 m² with a garden square of 10.000 […]
8 October, 2019

CEU Talent and CEU Talent Plus: acknowledgement of 98 USP students for their excellent and thorough work

The Aula Magna of Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid has hosted the 2018/2019CEU Talent and CEU Talent Plus diploma ceremony. This way we acknowledge students […]
10 October, 2019

The Doctoral International School of CEU Universities (CEINDO), research and academic excellence

CEU Universities are committed to innovation, research and creation something that turns them into highly attractive centres both for national and international students. We pursue research […]
23 October, 2019

«We are essential» a social project to give most valuable stories a voice.

This social journalistic project is aimed at giving visibility to real stories or personal overcoming which serve as example, inspire, transmit values and open up emotions. […]