16 January, 2020

Third Edition of CEU Pearson Business Game: the adventure of undertaking

A new edition of CEU Pearson Business Game has started – the proposal of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera oriented to future entrepreneurs. In this occasion, it […]
23 January, 2020

Twenty third CEU Ángel Herrera Awards acknowledge the social, educational and research duty of people and institutions

On the 23rd January 2020 has taken place at El Casino de Madrid the award ceremony of the Angel Herrera CEU Awards, created in 1997 by […]
29 January, 2020

Research in Humanities: knowing the society to transform it

CEU Universities have found in research one of the cornerstones of their educational model. This priority given to the research activity responds to the objective of […]
31 January, 2020

Universidad CEU San Pablo has named Sorbonne Professor Rémi Brague as Doctor Honoris Causa

Professor Emeritus in Arabic and Medieval Philosophy at the French University has been named along with other ten CEU professors, Doctor Honoris Causa by Universidad CEU […]
11 February, 2020

Healthy life at CEU Campus: sports activities

Dedicating part of our time to sports is beneficial at any point in our lives but it may be especially helpful during university. The benefits of […]
14 February, 2020

Manos Unidas presents its new campaign at CEU CEU Cardenal Herrera

The motto of this new action of the organization “Who will suffer the most the abuse of the planet is not you” has resounded at CEU […]
21 February, 2020

A prestigious magazine publishes USP research on fructose consumption during pregnancy

The work of the research group “Nutrigenomics and fetal programing” lead by researcher Carlos Bocos at the Pharmacy Faculty of CEU San Pablo has appeared in […]
12 March, 2020

Latest volunteering experiences at CEU Universities

CEU Universities are centres focused on the education of successful professionals but also of citizens with values willing to change the world for the better. For […]
13 March, 2020

CEU UCH Professor visits Paris with the Network for Research in Vascular Ageing Biomarkers.

Enrique Rodilla Sala, Professor of Internal Medicine at Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera and expert of the Hypertension and Vascular Risk Unit at Hospital de Sagunto is one […]