4 January, 2021

Social undertaking at CEU: Educating for innovation, transformation and progress

Innovation and ideas to improve the world and life of people: social undertaking develops initiatives with social impact. Therefore, it joins the best of the undertaking […]
18 January, 2021

The approach of CEU Universities towards the Objectives of Sustainable Development (OSD)

The 17 Objectives of Sustainable Development (OSD) set by the General Assembly of the United Nations in September 2015 within the framework of the Agenda 2030 […]
20 January, 2021

The duty of educating in health of healthcare professionals

The pandemic has emphasized that to achieve a solid healthcare system it is necessary to obtain the commitment of all citizens, professionals and the administration itself. […]
22 January, 2021

Entrepreneurship and why is it necessary to promote it?

Developing an entrepreneurship activity within organizations is essential for innovation. People with an entrepreneurship vision supported by their companies will offer identification, analysis and creation of […]
25 January, 2021

Learn to speak in public at CEU and turn into a successful lecturer

Public speaking is a highly valuable tool for professional development. But feeling at ease when speaking in public is not something that can be achieved that […]
9 February, 2021

Personalized learning for a unique academic experience

In the globalized and changing world we live in educational programs are also in constant mutation. Change of programs and study plans, more intensive use of […]
15 February, 2021

New HyFlex functionalities to improve the experience of digital presence in CEU classrooms

Coinciding with the beginning of the second semester, last 9th February there was a new session of Open Classroom. In this occasion the CEO of CEU, […]
22 February, 2021

Studying physiotherapy at CEU: internships, prestige and employability

Are you thinking about studying physiotherapy in Spain? Have you heard about CEU’s prestige in this degree? Being a physiotherapist is way more than helping in […]
25 February, 2021

Are you looking for a place to study a PhD focused on research and internationalization? Choose CEU

Obtaining a PhD means reaching the maximum academic level and a high level of expertise in your professional field. It is one of the best ways […]