25 October, 2019

Investigators of CEU-UCH analyse the Paralympic Games with the University of Kent

The conclusions of the project published in the scientific magazine Communication & Sport resulted from the collaboration between investigators of the Grupo en Comunicación y Discapacidad (GIDYC) and […]
30 October, 2019

Why voluntary work is the key to achieve a better society?

Voluntary work is an antidote against individualism. It promotes solidarity, empathy and altruism and is perfectly aligned with Christian Humanism values promoted by the CEU. Therefore […]
15 November, 2019

CEU UCH Project for academic innovation on the development of emotional intelligence

Students of Medicine of CEU Cardenal Herrera develop emotional skills through the project for academic innovation “Vibrant Pharmacology, a lifelong for life learning”. Sponsored by the […]
15 November, 2019

Continuous education to adapt to the changes resulting from digital transformation

Creativity and innovation, problem-resolution, orientation to results, an entrepreneurial mindset and the capacity to work in teams are crucial for future professionals within a totally digital […]
20 November, 2019

CEU UCH Health and Communication Students take part in a campaign to raise awareness on the use of antibiotics

Under the slogan “They are not candies, make good use of them” the campaign for the correct use of antibiotics has spread out in the campus […]
5 December, 2019

A researcher of CEU UCH leads a study on the capacity of bacteria to pass on to species

The veterinary and researcher José R. Penadés, first head of studies of Veterinary of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera and collaborator of the Department of Biomedical Sciences […]
18 December, 2019

CEU UCH Teaching students propose a “escape room” to teach mathematics

Gamification is the key of this project that students from the campus in Castellón of Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera have carried out at Colegio Doctor Errando […]
8 January, 2020

Advises to successfully bridge the examination period

After Christmas vacations it is time for exams at CEU Universities. To face these weeks with the best possible attitude it is necessary to follow some […]
10 January, 2020

IV Edition of the Equality Awards of Audiovisual Communication of CEU UCH

Students of the 1st year of Audiovisual Communication of CEU Cardenal Herrera have taken part for the fourth consecutive year in the “Equality Awards of Audiovisual […]